Completely underground, the cellar guarantees our wines a constant natural temperature all year round

One of the unique features of ourwinery is our decision to utilize concrete tanks, which we believe possess thecapacity to guide the evolution of our Montepulciano towards a natural softnesswhile preserving its rich complexity.

This space represents a challenge: we dry Montepulciano grapes to produce an Appassimento Abruzzese, a concept previously unexplored, directly inspired by Amarone.
After numerous vintages, we can confidently assert that we have discovered something truly extraordinary.

In this area, we process 500 quintals of fresh grapes over the course of 100 days. Throughout the process, we meticulously control temperature, humidity and pressure levels.

Our wines are the culmination of ourpassion, attention to detail, unwavering dedication to our craft and profoundlove for our land.

We have opted to exclusively use500-litre barrels, a size that harmonizes the nature of our wines with ourpalate preferences while imparting the subtle influence of fine oak. Ourbarrels are utilized for aging white, rosé and red wines.

Our bottles mature in large metal baskets, ensuring optimal storage conditions until they are ready to be labeled.

Each labeled bottle is meticulously placed in boxes by hand, ensuring perfection in every aspect.